Real Capital Gains

The Riviera Maya is and will continue to be the most coveted area in Mexico due to its archaeological wealth and stunning beaches

Luxurious Getaway

Take a break from the hectic city-life and escape to your condo in paradise, whenever you please

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Bathe in the boat-shaped pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea, enjoy a drink in our Sky Lounge , Roof Top Cinema or workout at our gym

Have you been disappointed with investments that...?

  • You can´t enjoy

  • Lose money

  • Are risky or volatile

  • Only yield results in the long term

Some carry higher risks, low returns and most you can´t actually experience or enjoy. Real estate is one you can enjoy, however not all real estate investments are created equal. Most real estate developments in Playa del Carmen are on pre-sale - buying one requires a lot of patience and carries the uncertainty of when or if it will be ready.

Safe investment with high capital gains that you can enjoy immediately after purchasing





Exclusive Location

Coco Beach, the most exclusive area of Playa del Carmen, 100 meters from the beach and just 2 blocks from 5th Av.

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The Boat Residences

Last chance to acquire a


incredible development.

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The Boat Desarrollo Inmobiliario Playa del Carmen

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Don´t risk your money on unpredictable or low-yielding investments such as the stock market, the bank or unbuilt properties

How much time do we have to enjoy life?